Since graduating from Stanford University, I have helped start two companies in the Silicon Valley, including a multi-national software company.

Here are some areas in which I can help you, and some ways that I do it.

Bringing your product to the US, or entering a new market

  • Localizing a website
  • Copy editing
  • Connecting you to the Silicon Valley
  • Setting up a recruitment and hiring process

Business Strategy and Operations

  • Reviewing or creating compelling presentations
  • Creating fundraising materials like pitch decks
  • Reviewing business plans
  • Coaching you on how to expand your network
  • Improving your communication skills


  • Writing content for websites
  • Managing a website development team
  • Advising on User Experience design (UX) of website
  • Setting up social media accounts and creating a social media strategy


  • Writing inclusive materials
  • Writing Release Notes for your product
  • Writing articles to boost SEO
  • Writing technical documentation
  • Creating templates and scripts to improve your customer-facing team’s efficiency and efficacy

Project Management

  • Setting up new tools and workflows for cross-functional teams
  • Training you and/or new hires on Agile development and Lean practices